Prague Metro Is Not Just Icons

The traditional design element of the Prague metro’s A line – the “bubbles” – are known and appreciated as an icon by people all over the world. But our metro has so much more to offer: each line, each station, has its own personality. In addition to the design and architecture that everyone can see, the Prague metro involves many things that are invisible to the public. Metroprojekt, which is responsible for the design of the Prague metro, is a major innovator: the C line started with excavated stations and tunnelling using a non-mechanised shield, the New Austrian Tunnelling Method was used in the 1990s, the metro was the first project in the Czech Republic to bore tunnels with a modern TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) and a new method of train operation will be used for the Prague metro’s new (fourth) D line – the trains will run automatically, without a driver.